This article explains how to configure the SecureAuth Backup Tool for operation with a Syslog server.

SecureAuth IdP 

Syslog Support

The SecureAuth Backup Tool can be configured to communicate with a RFC 3164 compliant Syslog facility server

Configuring Syslog Operation

You can configure the Syslog options for the backup tool by editing the preference file located at D:\MFCApp_Bin\Extras\SABackupTool\etc\sabackupconfig.ini. The logging functionality options are located in the [Syslog] section.



When set to true logging is sent to the defined syslog server. If set to false no entries are sent to the defined syslog server

IPv4 address

The IPv4 address or hostname of an RFC 3164 compliant syslog server
syslog_portUDP PortThe port number of the syslog server. The IANA assigned port for syslog is UDP/514.
syslog_facility0-23A facility level is used to specify which type of program is logging the message.
syslog_tagalphanumericThe TAG is the name of the program or process which generates the message (default: SABackup). The tag should not exceed 32 characters.


The loglevel is used to specify a logging level for the syslog functionality. When you specify a loglevel, all events greater than and equal to the specified severity level are sent to the syslog server. For example, if you specify loglevel=warning, both warning and error messages are sent to the syslog server. In this example, information is excluded from the severity level because it is less than the warning level.
Syslog Facilities

Facility NumberFacility KeywordFacility Description
0kernKernel messages
1userUser-level messages
2mailMail system
3daemonSystem daemons
4authSecurity/authorization messages
5syslogMessages generated internally by syslogd
6lprLine printer subsystem
7newsNetwork news subsystem
8uucpUUCP subsystem
9 Clock daemon
10authprivSecurity/authorization messages
11ftpFTP daemon
12 NTP subsystem
13 Log audit
14 Log alert
15cronClock daemon
16local0Local use 0 (local0)
17local1Local use 1 (local1)
18local2Local use 2 (local2)
19local3Local use 3 (local3)
20local4Local use 4 (local4)
21local5Local use 5 (local5)
22local6Local use 6 (local6)
23local7Local use 7 (local7)