Use this configuration guide to import large amounts of user data in one .CSV file upload to SecureAuth IdP. The bulk user import feature saves time when adding new users or updating user information.


1. Prepare a .CSV file containing all user profiles to be uploaded, including each profile on a separate line, using the comma-delimited format

2. Ensure SecureAuth IdP v9.1 or later is running

3. Create a New Realm for importing CSV files to the SecureAuth IdP Appliance

4. Configure the following tabs on the SecureAuth IdP Web Admin

  • Overview – the description of the realm and SMTP connections must be defined
  • Data – an enterprise directory must be integrated with SecureAuth IdP
  • Workflow – the way in which users will access the target must be defined
  • Multi-Factor Methods – the Multi-Factor Authentication methods that will be used to access the target must be defined
  • Post Authentication – the target resource or post authentication action must be defined
  • Logs – the logs that will be enabled or disabled for this realm must be defined
SecureAuth IdP Web Admin Configuration


1. In the Profile Fields section, map the designated Field to the Property for each identifier to be included in the user profile on the .CSV file – e.g. company to Aux ID 2

Click Save once the configuration is complete and before leaving the Data tab to avoid losing changes

Post Authentication


2. In the Post Authentication section, select Use Custom Redirect from the Authenticated User Redirect dropdown

3. For Redirect To, enter customized/Template/CSVImport.aspx

Click Save once the configuration is complete and before leaving the Post Authentication tab to avoid losing changes

User Experience


1. Log on the SecureAuth IdP realm

2. Click Choose File and browse to find the .CSV file to be imported

– e.g. filename in this example is csvImport.csv

Sample PowerShell image showing all Profile Fields

See the sample PowerShell image that shows which Profile Fields are available for inclusion in the .CSV file


3. View results in the table that appears beneath the .CSV filename

The first row of the .CSV file contains the column headers included in the profile string

The color of the field name in this header indicates if the attribute is valid

Blue or Green: validRed: invalid

If one or more columns is flagged with red text, verify the nomenclature to ensure the Profile Field is spelled correctly, with the same case-formatting applied

NOTE: If edits need to be made to the .CSV file, update the file and then execute steps 2 - 3 again


4. When the .CSV file is ready to be uploaded, click Import

The status above the filename shows the number of new users successfully added, and the number successfully updated

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