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HTTP MethodURIExampleSecureAuth IdP version support
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The API utilizes the information configured in the Adaptive Authentication / Workflow section of the SecureAuth IdP Web Admin.


SecureAuth IdP returns a response that contains these functions:

StatusConfigured Failure Action
Realm WorkflowWorkflow configured in the Web Admin
Suggested ActionSuggested next step to take based on the configurations

Status function and failure action

SecureAuth IdP provides these statuses for the associated failure actions

ContinueEnd-user continues onto the configured workflow (Failure Action: Resume auth in Web Admin)
SkipTwoFactorEnd-user bypasses Multi-Factor Authentication and moves forward to next workflow step – for example: password (Failure Action: Step down auth in Web Admin)
TwoFactorEnd-user undergoes additional Multi-Factor Authentication (Failure Action: Step up auth in Web Admin)
AuthenticatedEnd-user is taken directly to post authentication target, bypassing additional analysis or Multi-Factor Authentication (Failure Action: Post auth in Web Admin)
HardStopEnd-user is stopped immediately in the workflow and cannot continue (Failure Action: Hard Stop in Web Admin)
RedirectEnd-user is redirected to URL provided, for example another SecureAuth IdP realm (Failure Action: Redirect in Web Admin)

Suggested action

SecureAuth IdP provides these suggested actions for the associated statuses

Suggested ActionStatusDescription
2ndfactor_passwordContinueEnd-user must undergo Multi-Factor Authentication and then provide password
passwordSkipTwoFactorEnd-user must provide password
2ndfactorTwoFactorEnd-user must undergo Multi-Factor Authentication
noneAuthenticatedEnd-user is not required to perform authentication or password validation
stopHardStopEnd-user is stopped immediately in workflow and cannot continue
redirectRedirectEnd-user is redirected to the provided URL


HTTP MethodURIExampleSecureAuth IdP version support
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titlePOST endpoint JSON parameters and response examples
JSON ParametersSuccess ResponseFailure / Error Response
    "user_id": "<USERNAME>",
    "ip_address": "<IP ADDRESS>"



"user_id": "jsmith",
"ip_address": ""
"status": "valid",
"message": "Access History request has been processed."
"status": "invalid",
"message": "Access History was not saved."