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SecureAuth IdP

This document describes the Event IDs generated by the SecureAuth Backup Tool.

Where are the event logs located?

This tool writes to the Windows Application Event Log with a source of SecureAuth Backup Tool.

Event ID Descriptions
100InformationA backup operation was initiated.
101InformationA restore operation was initiated.
102InformationA restore operation was completed successfully.
103InformationA backup operation was completed successfully.
104InformationAn IIS application was created for a SecureAuth realm during a restore operation.
105InformationA certificate was installed during a restore operation.
106InformationUser declined the legal agreement.
107InformationUser cancelled the restore operation.
108InformationThe Authenticated Users privilege was added to NetFrameworkConfigurationKey.
109InformationA privilege was added to the private key of a certificate during a restore operation.
110InformationThe IIS URL Rewrite module has been successfully installed on this SecureAuth IdP Appliance
111InformationA backup of the IIS configuration was made with the name <backup name>.
112InformationThe IIS Application <app name> has been renamed to <new app name>.
113InformationThe archive being restored has web.config files which are configured to use the SHA-1 cloud environment. While this SecureAuth IdP Appliance is currently configured to use SHA-2. Make sure to update the URLs in the System Info tab otherwise the appliance will be unable to access cloud services.
200ErrorA corrupt web.config file was found.
201WarningThe user failed to provide a strong password to protect the archive.
202WarningAn incorrect file number was entered when selecting an archive to restore from backup.
203WarningUser failed to provide a password when restoring an archive.
204WarningAn error occurred while trying to decrypt the web.config files of an archive during a restore operation.
205ErrorThe directory D:\SecureAuth\SecureAuth0 is not present on this SecureAuth IdP Appliance. The SecureAuth0 directory contains files necessary for the restore process. The restore has been aborted.
206ErrorAn archive selected for restore was determined to be corrupt and is no longer usable. Try restoring from another backup.
207WarningThere is insufficient space to perform a full backup. Try freeing up space on the applicable volume.
208WarningA certificate was not able to be archived due to the private key being marked as non-exportable.
209WarningA certificate failed to install during a restore operation.
210WarningThe specified archive directory in sabackupconfig.ini does not exist and can't be used. The entry should be updated to a directory which exists.
211WarningThe specified temp directory in sabackupconfig.ini does not exist and can't be used. The entry should be updated to a directory which exists.
212ErrorThe SecureAuth version you are trying to restore from is newer than the version on this appliance. Newer web.config files will not work with older versions of the product.
213ErrorDuring restore one or more files in the archive did not validate properly against the SHA-256 hash. Try restoring from another backup.
214WarningThe SecureAuth version you are trying to restore from is not compatible with the license file on this appliance.
215WarningAn error occurred while granting read privileges to the private key of a certificate during restore.
216WarningAn error occurred while trying to apply the Authenticated Users privilege to NetFrameworkConfigurationKey.
217ErrorAn error occured while generating the manifest.
218ErrorThe IIS URL Rewrite module failed to install and is required for this installation. Please visit and install the software manually.
219WarningUnable to update the SecureAuth0Pool configuration. Please run the RefreshSecureAuth0 script located at D:\MFCApp_Bin\Extras\RefreshSecureAuth0.bat to complete the restore process. 
220Error(Deprecated in v2.4.0) The SecureAuth Backup Tool requires .Net NET 4.5 or greater to run. .Net NET Framework 4.5 was not detected on this SecureAuth IdP Appliance.
221ErrorThe SecureAuth Backup Tool does not support Microsoft Windows Server 2003.
222ErrorThe SecureAuth Backup tool has not been run from the correct location (D:\MFCApp_Bin\Extras). Review the documentation for this tool and then try running it again. The documentation can be found at
223WarningThe password provided to restore the archive was incorrect.