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SecureAuth IdP version 9.3 introduces a new experience when configuring the Web Admin user interface. We call this the New Experience user interface, with the original user interface now called the Classic Experience user interface.

Going forward, content from the Classic Experience Web Admin console will be redesigned and reconfigured in the New Experience. In the 9.3 release, Active Directory and SQL Server data stores, and SAML applications – including Salesforce – can be configured in the New Experience.

This document helps you navigate the New Experience and Classic Experience user interfaces, provides names and images of like items found in each Web Admin console, and explains differences in how these items are configured. 


Navigate the Web Admin

After logging on the Web Admin, you are in the New Experience Web Admin.

The left pane provides options to access User Data Stores or the Application Manager.

To go to the Classic Experience Web Admin, click Admin on the upper right of the toolbar and select Go to Classic Experience.


Start by adding a data store...



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