Use this guide to install and provision the SecureAuth OTP Client for OS X for use in 2-Factor Authentication.

The SecureAuth OTP OS X Desktop Client application has been deprecated and replaced by the new SecureAuth Passcode for Mac client application. If currently installed, the SecureAuth OTP OS X Desktop Client will still function, but is no longer supported and may no longer be downloaded.


1. Have device(s) with OS X 10.7 + and 64-bit processor

2. Download the SecureAuth OTP Client for Mac from the App Store

3. Configure the OATH Provisioning Realm in the SecureAuth IdP Web Admin

OTP Provisioning Steps

1. Once the SecureAuth OTP Client has been installed on the OS X device, launch the application


2. Provide the Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) of the SecureAuth IdP appliance, e.g.

If the OATH Provisioning Realm is SecureAuth998, then only the FQDN is required; if using a different realm for OATH Provisioning (for example, SecureAuth2), then the full URL is required, e.g.

3. Click Start

Identity Validation

4. Follow the configured workflow of the OATH Provisioning Realm to validate the identity

Shown in the image is Username and Password Only, but 2-Factor Authentication may be required

PIN Creation

5. Set a 4-digit PIN that unlocks the app to generate one-time passwords (OTPs), and click Continue

6. Confirm the PIN on the following page

These steps are only required if the OATH Provisioning Realm is set to require a PIN code for access

OTP Generation

7. Once the registration, identity validation, and PIN creation is complete, an OTP is generated for use in 2-Factor Authentication

2-Factor Authentication using SecureAuth OTP Client for OS X

1. Initiate the login process in a realm that enables OATH OTPs as a second factor option (configured in the Registration Methods tab of the realm)

2. Follow the configured workflow

3. Once on the 2-Factor Authentication methods page, select Soft Token - Mac from the list of options, and click Submit

4. Launch the SecureAuth OTP App, and click the Copy icon (first item in menu) to copy the OTP

5. Paste the OTP from the OTP App onto the login page, and click Submit to gain access to the realm