SecureAuth Support Services

Live Support by telephone and email available 24/7, 365 days for your mission-critical operations.

Subject Matter Expert(s) (SME) who can troubleshoot and / or configure changes for a wide range of related devices or applications. (SaaS, Enterprise Application, VPN, Active Directory, Database, Network Administrator, etc.)

Customization when needed by a SecureAuth Administrator who can access any related SOW document(s) detailing the customization deliverables.


SecureAuth documentation

SecureAuth Product Documentation provides a full range of technical documentation on our product. This documentation includes technical manuals, configuration and implementation guides.



Before contacting SecureAuth Support

Review SecureAuth Operating and Troubleshooting Procedures for required information and basic troubleshooting steps defined in the SecureAuth License Agreement.

NOTE: SecureAuth Support Services only provide technical information and recommended configuration guidance for integration targets involving the SecureAuth product. SecureAuth representatives do not perform configuration or setup of customer application or devices.


Required customer resources

A SecureAuth Administrator from your company with access to the SecureAuth Appliance Web Admin page and appliance console (or remote desktop RDP session).

An Integration SME and / or an Infrastructure SME from your company who can assist with Troubleshooting, applying necessary configuration changes to the related device, and / or application (e.g. SaaS Application administrator, Enterprise Application Administrator, VPN Administrator, Active Directory Administrator, DB Administrator, Network Administrator, etc.).

Ability to join an online meeting (e.g. Citrix GoToMeeting, This is needed so a customer support representative can review the configuration and troubleshooting options with you.


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