This document provides a list of languages supported in SecureAuth IdP that can be enabled for use by end-users using SecureAuth.

NOTE: As of version 8.2, SecureAuth IdP is fully localized into these languages.

Applies to

SecureAuth IdP 6.0+ 

SecureAuth IdP Supported Languages

SecureAuth IdP supports 18 languages out-of-the-box: 

LanguageSecureAuth IdP versions supported
Englishall versions
Spanishall versions
Germanall versions
Frenchall versions
Italianall versions
Japaneseall versions
Portugueseall versions
Simplified Chineseall versions
Traditional Chineseall versions
Russianversions 6.3+
Koreanversions 6.3+
Dutchversions 6.3+
Arabicversions 7.5+
Czechversions 8.0+
Hungarianversions 8.0+
Polishversions 8.0+
Romanianversions 8.0+
Slovakversions 8.0+
Select Languages
Admin User Configuration

A SecureAuth IdP appliance administrator can select which languages are available to the end-user. Language configuration is applicable per realm.

NOTE: See Overview Tab Configuration for instructions on enabling language support

End-user Experience

If the browser language setting matches a language enabled by the SecureAuth IdP admin, then all SecureAuth content is delivered in that language. If the browser setting is not a language enabled on SecureAuth IdP, then the default language specified by the admin appears (default is English). 

This applies to all web, voice, and SMS content.

NOTE: Telephony / SMS services may offer additional languages, but SecureAuth does not support languages beyond the 18 listed above.